Girl, you’re such a Backstabber! Oh Girl, you’re such a Shit-talker!

Hello people! What’s up y’all? Well, this is my virtual diary where I write my thoughts, rant about what’s bothering me, etc. Of lately, I’m very disturbed and have started to not have trust in my friends. Oops! Apt word would be – FRENEMIES. Being manipulated, deserted, commented, etc doesn’t give a nice satisfactory vibes […]

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Eves and Dumbbells

Hellllooo lovely people! Hope y’all doing well. Alright, so here I go with my utterly random reverie. Eves and Dumbbells. This is stereotypical that ladies have nothing to do with lifting weights. It’ll be good if girls are thought to lift weights right from the high school. It’s important to spread awareness that lifting weights […]

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Blogging- An Escape Route.

Heyo everyone! Hope y’all doing well! 🙂 I see blogging as an abode for solitude and mental revival. To me, it’s an online journal wherein I can put myself out here and most importantly, share my thoughts with you, lovely people. Personally, to me, it’s an escape route from all the mental chaos. It helps […]

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Understanding Myself.

Final Year in the Master’s Degree Course. Hahaha! I can’t understand how I’ve started taking academics so casually. I had been utterly bookish till graduation. I was that typical bookworm who was aware of nothing but fetching marks and duxing the class. Frankly speaking, I definitely was a very boring person. Well, I was a […]

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